Sunday, March 25, 2012

blog 8

Cinderella might be a nice bedtime story to read to your children to give them sweet dreams of becoming rich or successful through the use of magic, but this will just give them a false and disillusioned sense of reality, and most likely a terrible work ethic.  It is time to burst their naive bubble because we all know that in the real world, short of winning the lottery, this flat out does not happen.  No magic fairy god mother is going to wave her wand and suddenly a person become successful. Success is much deeper than that and there are many components that make up success. The success of an individual lies solely in their own hands and not that of any outside magic. In order to be successful one has to have a great work ethic, be self-motivated, determined and willing to make sacrifices. 

In the stories we read Cinderella was sitting back being passive and waiting for her situation to drastically change. Fortunately for her she lives in a fairytale and she became rich and successful through magic.  In reality a person cannot be so passive and expect success instead they need to be active and take the initiative in their own hands.  The stories we read served as hope and inspiration to people in bad situations that they would be able to get out. However I think that instead of the use of magic that the stories should have portrayed the main character using hard work and determination to better her situation because this mirrors real life much more accurately.

Monday, March 19, 2012

blog 7

Before this lecture I knew almost nothing about sign language and the deaf culture in America and around the world.  I knew that it existed but never knew about all the complexities that it was composed of. Through the lecture I learned a tremendous amount about the way the deaf culture interprets and reads fairytales.  I previously thought that story telling in ASL would be a literal translation each sign would represent a word and the storytelling would be the same every time it was told. However I was fairly surprised to find out that each person telling the fairy tale uses their own unique signs and it’s not an exact translation but rather a creative interpretation of the story. This is similar to the way fairy tales are told in real life with each person putting their own creative spin on the tale and it is different every time it is told.
 I thought it was very interesting that deaf community had all the same intricate nuances in their language as spoken language. Instead of voice inflections to portray feelings such as humor or sarcasm they used motions and facial expressions to demonstrate the same emotions.  I also learned that people in the deaf community can also demonstrate literary devices that are usually demonstrated through spoken language such as rhyming and rhythm through their signs. Overall I found this presentation very insightful and interesting because I knew relatively nothing before it. It enhanced my understanding of fairytales by showing that a person does not have to hear or read a fairy tale to enjoy it but it can be signed and still be as creative and emotional.   

Monday, March 5, 2012

Midterm Blog

For this blog I read all the blog posts for my classmate Adela. I truly enjoyed reading all of her blogs. I think that she did an excellent job incorporating her own thoughts and experiences in her life with the material we learned in class. In each of her blog posts she was very thorough and covered exactly what the assignment asked for and expanded on it greatly. Through her blogs I felt like I got to know her much better as a person as her voice and character emanated through her writings.
 It was interesting delving into to an alternate perspective, different from my own, of each of the fairy tales we read in class. Although she is from a different country and our lives have been quite different, we still had some of the same ideas and feelings about the material we read in class. Adela also incorporated many images and videos into her blog that enhanced the reading experience and helped me understand her perspective better. The only constructive criticism of her blog that I have is although she conveyed her thoughts excellently I believe that the posts were very long and that a more concise approach would entice the reader more effectively.  

Blog 6

For this blog I will be comparing and contrasting the known fairy tale “Snow White” with the music video “Sonne” by Rammstein. The music video and the story do share some similarities in characters, some of the events that occur, and symbols.
 For example both the music video and the story have the characters of Snow White and the dwarfs. The events that occur in both the music video and the story are Snow White staying with the dwarfs, Snow White dying, the dwarfs putting her in a glass coffin and placing her on top of a hill and Snow White being brought back to life after she has died. An important symbol that both the music video and the story share is the red apple.
Although they seem to be similar in some regards, the music video and the story are in actuality, vastly different. In the fairy tale the queen plays a vital role in the plot and she is absent in the music video. This is a major difference however the biggest difference between the music video and the story is the character of Snow White and her interactions with the dwarfs. In the fairy tale she is a very innocent and submissive young girl who is naïve. She helps the dwarfs around the house doing chores and certainly does not tell them what to do. In the music video Snow White seems to be the exact opposite of what she was perceived to be in the fairy tale. She is the master of the dwarfs who slave for her and listen to her every whim. She seems to be very self-absorbed, controlling, and dominant. She makes the dwarfs mind gold for her which she uses as drugs. It is her drug use that ultimately leads to her death in the video as compared to the fairy tale where it was the queen who led to her death.
I liked the music video better because it provides a new and interesting spin on an old fairy tale. I am used to hearing the same story of Snow White and this is a nice change. I also liked the music and how the story and characterization of the characters were portrayed without any words or text narration.