Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Cinderella might be a nice bedtime story to read to your children to give them sweet dreams of becoming rich or successful through the use of magic, but this will just give them a false and disillusioned sense of reality, and most likely a terrible work ethic.  It is time to burst their naive bubble because we all know that in the real world, short of winning the lottery, this flat out does not happen.  No magic fairy god mother is going to wave her wand and suddenly a person become successful. Success is much deeper than that and there are many components that make up success. The success of an individual lies solely in their own hands and not that of any outside magic. In order to be successful one has to have a great work ethic, be self-motivated, determined and willing to make sacrifices. 

In the stories we read Cinderella was sitting back being passive and waiting for her situation to drastically change. Fortunately for her she lives in a fairytale and she became rich and successful through magic.  In reality a person cannot be so passive and expect success instead they need to be active and take the initiative in their own hands.  The stories we read served as hope and inspiration to people in bad situations that they would be able to get out. However I think that instead of the use of magic that the stories should have portrayed the main character using hard work and determination to better her situation because this mirrors real life much more accurately.

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