Monday, April 30, 2012

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In class Dr. Deveny presented a lecture on the movie “Pans Labyrinth”. I really enjoyed his lecture because it was much different than any of the other lectures we have heard this semester. All of the other lectures that the numerous other teachers presented to us were about various fairy, folk, or cultural tales from a certain area or culture. These lectures were more focused on the common themes and elements in the tales that were reflected in the certain cultures. There was no specific time period of these stories because they transcended many different time periods. In addition most of the fairy and folk tales that we discussed in the other lectures were not grounded in historical events but rather in tall tales.

 Dr. Deveny’s lecture on Pans Labyrinth was much different because he discussed only one story during one time period. The lecture related to us how the movie mirrored actual occurrences in Spain 1940’s. I thought it was very innovative to incorporate actual events into a fairy tale. We have not seen that in any fairy tales we have read this semester, but rather fictitious occurrences in faraway lands. Although I did not like the film very much I did enjoy the lecture because it helped me better understand the underlying motives of the movie. Through the lecture I discovered that almost all of Propps fairy tale functions were present in the movie. Before the lecture I didn’t really see Pans Labyrinth as a fairy tale but more of a juxtaposition of historical fiction with a bit of fantasy. The film director showed, through the fairy tale elements, that even in the most dark and bleak times there is still room for imagination and hope.

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