Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Entry 1

I signed up for this class for various reasons. The first reasons were that I needed to take an SIS course this semester and I also needed to take an honors course this semester so taking this class killed two birds with one stone. The second major reason I took this class was because it seemed much more interesting than the other honors courses offered this semester. Another reason I decided to take the class was because a few of my friends were taking it as well. Another reason is that the class would balance out my schedule by providing a nice break from all my science classes.
What I would like to accomplish in this course is to understand fairytales in a new light by analyzing them and truly understanding the deeper complex meaning behind them. As a child I would read and enjoy fairytales and simply take them at face value but now as a young adult I can discover the different underlying themes, motifs, and functions they serve in children and society as a whole.
My favorite fairy tale is The Little Engine that Could. It was a great story about a train that originally could not get over a mountain to deliver toys to the children. However through determinations and self-confidence he willed his way up the mountain and eventually achieved his goal. This is my favorite fairy tale because the theme resonates with my life. I am very self-confident and determined and I know with hard work even the most impossible sounding tasks can be attained.